About us

Why us...

18 Years

The time we've spent obsessing over all things funnels, paid traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition


The budget our team members have managed both for major international brands and small businesses alike


The marketing projects we've collectively launched and managed on behalf of service-based businesses of all sizes

"My business is getting an incredible amount of traction"

Jane Frankland - Entrepreneur, Influencer & Bestselling author

Who we are...

Dr. Marilisa conese


Dr. Michele Conese


Frannie Crystal

funnel specialist

Liesbeth Heylen

business development

PLUS...an experienced team of ad managers, copywriters and project managers with decades of combined experience in all things digital marketing and customer acquisition


Our manifesto...

  1. At FunnelBolt 360, we believe in a direct, no-BS approach based on honesty, transparency and - if necessary - the occasional uncomfortable truth. 
  2. We're no fluff and 100% substance. 
  3. We only work with clients who treat our team with the respect they deserve. 
  4. We believe that, without a good degree of adaptability, no business can possibly survive, let alone thrive.
  5. We deal in solutions, not problems.
  6. Perpetual professional and personal development is the name of the game at FunnelBolt 360. Each team member spends a minimum of 30 hours a month keeping up with the latest industry developments.
  7. We're incredibly proud of our multicultural, multiracial & multilingual team and we will always, ALWAYS taking a stand against all forms of racism, sexism, xenophobia and discrimination in general.
  8. Sh*t happens, and we're not perfect. But we're damn well fast at turning a challenge into a success.
  9. We hate cooking, pretentiousness, and 'gurus'.
  10. We're total nerds, and we're proud of it.

how we do it

Our special blend of magic

  • targeting

Ninja targeting...

Leverage our super-powerful targeting strategies to put your business in front of thousands of uber-qualified prospects every day


What they say...

Marilisa is a genius at Facebook ads that actually bring results.

Juliette Stapleton

visibility strategist

Marilisa is the best combination one can expect from a business coach.

Lolita Reid

Owner, Everchoice by LR

Marilisa's direct and straight to the point, which ensures you get the results, faster.

Jess Esther


About our CEO

Dr. Marilisa Conese is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur with almost two decades' experience in the digital marketing arena. After successfully managing 7-figure marketing projects for a range of leading international brands, she has leveraged her business, marketing and media buying expertise to launch and grow 3 online businesses of her own.

Over the last 10 years, Marilisa has made it her mission to craft effective online customer acquisition strategies specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve big goals, with not-so-big marketing budgets.

7 Agency-Level Hacks to Leveraging Facebook Ads in Your Small Service-Based Business

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